Monday, August 14, 2006

Writer Live from Microsoft

Today I read article about the Writer Live and immediately downloaded and installed the application. The configuration of Writer Live is user friendly. Even though I hold a account in Live Spaces I preferred to start with this blog as I am writing more posts in this blog than any other blogs I have. You may download the application from this link .

The layout is clean without any clutter and not reminding any other office application. Adding of other blogger accounts is very easy and intuitive too. While you are writing ( draft mode) in another blog still can add another weblog account. Before finishing addition of another weblog account it even has a option to switch accounts. Mostly the interface is similar to Qumana the blogging client I am using regulary which supports even placing customized ads from Qumana service. But we need to add each weblog accounts ( particularly blogger) which is not the case with the Performing Extension for the Firefox browser which automatically adds all the blogs related to one account. You can see the application image I captured here. 

Writer Live Application Image

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