Sunday, October 21, 2012

Virtual Working started bearing fruits

Now my concept of virtual working is really bearing fruits. During August first week I have went to a yoga village with just a netbook loaded with Windows 7 OS ( Samsung N100 ) which gives me 10 to 15 hrs back up ( believe me it really delivers its promise ) and few peripherals. The internet access is very limited ( max 2.5 KBPS ) . I used my Nokia 5230 mobile connectivity using BSNL 2G unlimited ( <100 per month ). Used Opera IRC to chat, Opera mail client to send and receive mail. At such low speeds working from remote needs special skills or you have to be a person who worked in deadly slow connections of 90's . I am cut off from social networks but the essentials are not disrupted. No software updates including virus definitions ( handy Dr.web CD ) . This is my virtual working kit.

  1. Samsung Netbook N100
  2. Nokia 5230 Mobile
  3. Toshiba 500 GB External HDD
  4. Toshiba External DVD writer
  5. Asus Wifi Router
  6. wires, extensions, connectors, blank DVDs, CDS, Pendrive etc.
They have a school computer lab and office provided with pritner, fax, scanner so I didnt need to carry them  including copier paper.

So you too can be virtual if you have necessary gadgets and training. Good luck. 

P.S. It costs not more than 1500 for stay and personal consumption wont require more than 500 . So if you want to work from a hill station and still earning money and save lot of money and mental peace think and act smart.