Sunday, September 24, 2006

What Happened to my blog ?

In August I have downloaded Windows Live Writer and posted a single post. Immediatley I have received some error messages to my email account which I cant understand. Immediately I couldnot see the blogs online. I could post them, edit them, almost everything except viewing them online. I even went to see them in Dashboard on Blogger, changed settings, still problem is same. What happened to my all blogs. So far I never posted any objectionable content. Only thing is I used Qumana and inserted some ads. Google dont object any ads as it itself enables to display banners and advertisements and pays commission. 

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arunima said...

Hi Murthy,
I am a scribe working with the Funancial Express, Delhi and I am planning to write an article on literary blogs in India. Literary blogging is popular phenomenon in the West but in India, it has obviously not happened in a big way yet. So, I would be really thankful to you if you let me have your phone number so that I can call yoyu up and talk to you regarding what inspired to start a blog dedicated to Indian literature and why according to is literary blogging still lagging behing as compared with the international scene.
Looking forward to your reply,